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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My mint tin creation

I thought I would make some gifts this year to save a little money, but also to do something fun and creative. I decided to do the marble magnets project I found on not martha. She also gives the suggestion of putting a set of 6 in a mint tin. I have a TON of mint tins lying around, so I figured this would be a perfect gift. So, I found some ideas on how to decorate a mint tin from a few places (infarrantly creative, spinning-jennie.) The first thing I did was spray paint the tins. My spray paint skills are not very good, especially when it comes to these mint tins. I got the top and the bottom covered just fine, but the edges were tough. And the paint ended up scraping off when I closed the tin anyway, so I decided in the future to not worry so much about the edges.

Anyway, I got the first one done. I'm not completely satisfied with it. I tried to cut corners and hot glue the rick-rack on and I don't like the way it turned out, so next time I'll glue it on with a something that doesn't dry so fast and doesn't go on so thick. Also, the paintbrush I used was a cheap one I had on hand (because after the craft store trip I realized I forgot to get something to apply the mod podge with) and the "hairs" kept falling out into the mod podge. I tried to get them all, but I noticed when I saw these photos that I missed a couple. :( And, of course, the paint on the bottom scraped off and looks bad when it's open, but when it's closed up, it looks pretty cute.

Some other mint tin ideas I may try later:

Beauty Kit


Infarrantly Creative said...

I used several light coats of a metal spray primer and didn't have any issues with the paint coming off. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that is was metal primer. did you just use regular spray paint? I don't think that adheres as well unless you sanded the tin first. That is my two cents. It still is adorable.

darling said...

Thanks. I looked for a metal primer, but didn't find it right away in the craft store I was in, but I found some spray paint that supposedly was good for metal without priming. It was on sale pretty cheap, so I figured I'd give it a try. I got some smeared glue on the bottom of the tin and I didn't really want to bother decorating it since it looked fine just being white and I was able to scratch off the glue and gunk without the spray paint coming off there.

Incidently, I've finished two more tins now using the same stuff, and one of them didn't have that problem at all. I think it was an Altoid's tin and the other two that had the problem were Myntz! tins, so maybe it's just the slight differences in the way the tins are made that make them rub the corners more.

Thanks for your feedback!!