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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas trees

I've always preferred the low-maintenance of an artificial tree.  The artificial tree I've had since 1992 finally started to look hopeless (it was a really cheap one to begin with) and so we've gotten a real tree for the last two years.  I have to admit, the variability in shape and size of getting a real tree each year is really interesting.  However, we're horrible about taking the tree down in a timely manner, so the last two years we've had these decorated brown twiggy messes come February (ok, maybe a little exaggeration.)  Anyway, I would like to get a new artificial tree, but now that I've seen the really good, expensive ones, I can hardly go out and buy a $50 Walmart special. 

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Co. makes some of the most amazing looking trees I've yet to see pictures of.  But they are not cheap.  If money were no object, I'd get the Aspen Silver Fir or the California Baby Redwood.  It's cost us ~$70-80 each for the last 2 trees we bought.  So, since this tree has a 10 year warranty on it, I can justify spending $759, right?  lol.

We've already blown our Christmas budget this year, so I may just see what I can do with my old Walmart special tree.  If I work on it, maybe I can get it to look nice enough to get by one more year, then see if I can get a nice new artificial tree in January for cheap.

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