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Monday, July 7, 2008

Home from Colorado

We got home a few hours ago. We had a lot of fun.

There's a few photos of our trip.

We left on Saturday, June 28th and went to Yellowstone on our way down to Crested Butte. We got there late and just had dinner in our hotel room and went to bed.

On Sunday we went into the park.

Mosquito and Punkin concocted a story about how the geysers are fake and here's one of the reasons they decided to come up with this story:

We had a picnic in the park:

Then we went to see Old Faithful.

Then on Monday, we drove on to Crested Butte and stayed with mosquito's family.

Tuesday we didn't do much.

Wednesday we went horseback riding.

Thursday we went river rafting. The water was FREAKING COLD and mosquito and I both fell out of the raft.  During my little swim I lost the green bandanna I was using to keep the sun off my head.  :(  The last photo was one our guide suggested as a joke -- act serious while using our paddles upside-down.

Friday was the 4th and we went to a parade -- in fact Punkin was even in it! Before the parade we had pancakes at the firehouse and mosquito played fireman.

Afterwards we went fishing.

Saturday we did nothing.

Sunday Mosquito and I started our drive home. We stayed the night in Boise, ID and then finished the drive home today. We stopped in Roslyn on the way just to get a photo op.

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