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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I found a website that sells fabric pretty cheap. You can order swatches for $1 each, so I ordered a few to get an idea it looks like in real life and what combination I’d like best. The spandex seems like a good deal, but I want to see how thick it is and stuff. It’s really cheap and that makes me nervous. But, I’ll probably have 2 layers of it on my body because I plan on doing a built-in leotard that’s a bit more snug than the outer dress to help smooth out my "curves."

I like the lace, roses and tiger ones the best, but the sequins might be better for a dance dress. Whichever contrast I pick, I can make some sort of decoration to put on my black shoes. I’ll also want to think about making something that my partner can wear like a tie & cummerbund or something. I'll have to check with him what he thinks about that. 






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