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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

princess office

As I have posted here before, I painted my office at work purple. Now I have the option of having a custom white board painted in any shape I wish. I haven't put up a whiteboard yet because the place that mine is supposed to hang is blocked by my big bookcase and I was waiting around to get a new one.

Now they are doing this thing at work with some whiteboard paint and I have been told that I can be added to the schedule. I'll have to tape off the area myself, but I can have any shape I want. I joked around about a unicorn, but in all actuality, when I got to thinking about it, I think a castle would be perfect. Then I can truly have a nice princess office, but yet the result after I move my stuff out would be something that a lot of guys would enjoy as well.

Here's my 5 minute MS Paint rendering of what I'm thinking.

It's unmistakably castle shaped, but yet it's a nice mostly rectangular area that actually is quite functional as a whiteboard.

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