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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

little home accomplishments

Last night after I picked up Punkin from the after school care and headed home, I realized I had lots of energy. Maybe it was because of my morning 3.87 mile run or maybe it was because it was a lovely sunny day in Seattle, which we don't get too often this time of year. So, I decided to start working on some outdoor things I've been needing to do. The first thing I noticed when I got home was that my jeans from the IOS firesale had arrived. So, of course, I had to try those on. They fit just fine. I wish they were a tad longer, but for $5, I can't be too picky.

While I was in the bedroom I happened to look outside where my garden tools ended up somehow and I noticed that some things were not on the back deck anymore. For a moment I freaked out, but then I realized they were moved by the guy that our next door neighbor hired to cut down a tree that was on our property line. She had spoken to us about it a while back and I didn't have any problem with them coming onto our property to get rid of it. It really does open up our backyard a bunch. During our last wind storm a big branch sort of halfway fell. It was cracked and practically on the ground, but still alive and had new growth right before it was cut down.

Anyway, I changed into yard work clothes and headed out. I opened the garage door and went out the front door. Our garage has gotten so bad that I can't actually walk through it anymore. So, my first order of business was to move things around in the garage enough so that I could get to my lawn mower and the rest of my garden tools. While I was doing that my next door neighbor came out and we chatted about the tree removal. The guy had left a bunch of wood in the backyard and so we discussed the fact that he needed to come back and clean that up. She's really nice and I'll be sad when we move.

After she went inside to fix dinner, I started mowing the lawn. I have one of those push mowers, but our yard is tiny. The grass had gotten pretty tall in one area, so I had to go over that a few times to get it cut properly. After the lawn was mowed, I started planting some bulbs. I put some trees in a couple of years ago next to the driveway and I had decided that there should be some flowers around the base of those trees to add some color. When it's sunny, that part of the yard gets good sunlight, but that's the only area that does. So, I planted some ranunculus and gladiolus bulbs and some painted daisy seeds about the base of the two trees. I also cleared out the little bit of dirt under our mailbox and planted some there. Our mailbox is attached to our house and there's a little spot that I can only assume was put there to be a little flowerbed. It's about 3 feet by 1 foot and it's surrounded by the house on one side and the driveway and walkway on the other 3. So, hopefully in a few weeks we'll have at least a few lovely flowers blooming in our yard.


mosquito said...

Thanks for mowing the grass as well, when its gets tall like that sometimes it take 3 passes for the little push lawn mower

darling said...

Oh yeah, the other neighbor is putting in hardwoods. He's doing it himself and he said he'll show me when he's done. He's all handy and stuff, but maybe talking to him will give us some confidence to do ours too!