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Monday, September 8, 2008

PAX Summary (a week late)

Mosquito and I went to PAX on Friday and Saturday. It was fun, but CROWDED! Most of our time was spent squeezing through massive amounts of people in the exhibit hall or standing in really long lines for the presentations.

I will probably post more details about some portions of PAX at some point, but I just wanted to talk about some of the highlights.


Exhibit hall - we briefly went into the exhibit hall when we first got in the doors. It was a madhouse and I dashed around to take a glance at everything and pick up what swag I could get for just stopping by.

Ken Levine keynote speech was quite entertaining. He talked about his geeky childhood and his love for comics and D&D.

Penny Arcade Q&A. This was interesting. People ask weird questions and Gabe and Tycho attempt to answer them. I took a little bit of video, but it's got some strong language in, so it's not up.

Rooster Teeth Q&A. Again, people ask weird questions. We got to see a sneak preview of their next RvB project.

The Guild Screening - A fantasticly funny web show about a group of people playing in an MMO. It's very well written and acted. We watched all the episodes in the first season back to back, then had a Q&A session with the the writer/star, Felicia Day (who you may recognize from Dr. Horrible) who plays Codex, Sandeep Parikh who plays Zaboo, and a couple of behind the scenes people.

Second Skin Screening -- interesting documentary about people who play MMOs and the stuff that goes on in their real lives. As a recovering WoW addict, I found some of the things a bit too true for confort.


Exhibit hall - I bought T-shirts for myself, Mosquito and Punkin.

Fallout 3 demo -- this game look AMAZING!!

Exhibit hall -- I played Guitar Hero World tour with a friend of mine

Are Casual Games Killing Core panel discussion -- Wil Wheaton was a panelist, so this was a popular event. It was an interesting discussion about the different types of games and the gamers who play them.

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