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Monday, July 21, 2008

Italian songs

Testi & Canzoni is a website that specializes in lyrics for italian songs, but I found that all the song lyrics were there in English as well. They have a pretty good selection and I had fun looking at the English version verses the Italian version, even though I don't speak (or read) Italian. But who knows, maybe looking at the songs side-by-side could help me learn a few words of Italian. :D

When I buy music, I tend to buy the actual physical CD for the music I like instead of buying (or illegally downloading) the digital versions. If I want a digital version, I'll just rip it myself for use on my iPod or to keep on my PC for listening to while I'm at work. I LOVE to sing (anyone who knows me at all can testify to that.) I often find myself singing to songs that I know how they go, but I don't know the exact words. This gets especially frustrating because I usually end up not having the liner notes nearby. So, I find myself Googling for the song lyrics when I've gotten tired of singing "mmmm dmm daaa" instead of the actual correct words.

Right now I've gotten to that point on Amy Winehouse's Back to Black album. I know the tune on all the songs, and the songs are just so moving that I want to belt them out, but I don't always know the words. But, Testi & Canzoni helped me out with that little problem. Now, at least when all my co-workers have to endure my bad singing, they get to hear the correct lyrics. Of course, once I actually know the words, I tend to sing louder, so I'm sure my co-workers are super happy about me actually knowing the lyrics. But that's what headphones and office doors were made for, right?

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