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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well, my diet has gone all to hell lately. I'm trying to eat healthier in general as opposed to being really strict and eating just "diet food." I need to practice better eating habits so that I can maintain a healthier weight. But we went on vacation and we didn't eat the best and since I've been back I haven't eaten very well either. My in-laws are in town and we went out to eat last night and were going to go to Elliott's Oyster house, but the wait was too long, according to my in-laws, so we went to the little fish and chips shack next door because "it was the same thing" and all they had were the deep fried versions of things. So, I had the fish and chips which ruined my entire day's eating.

Tonight we're going to Ray's Boathouse for dinner. Although it's mostly fish, I'm sure they aren't exactly cooked low-cal. I think I may get

Smoked Chatham Strait Sablefish 
corn custard, roasted grandview zucchini, tomato fondue 

That sounds pretty good. Hopefully it won't be too heavy.

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