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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yesterday's Delivery

Last night when we got home there was a package waiting for us. I had already forgotten about it, so I was very excited when I saw it lying there in front of the front door.

I opened it to find a lovely wrapped package. I wanted to tear into it, but I stopped and took pictures instead.

So pretty it was almost hard to unwrap. 

Detail shots of the card.

Out of the paper wrap, still in the plastic wrap.

Finally, my Povitica is free of all it's confines.

The first slice reveals the nutty goodness nestled within.

Some slices to share.  How pretty does that look?

YUM! Although it didn't quite look the same, it tasted just the same as I remembered. I restrained myself from eating the entire loaf, but I doubt any will be left after tonight!

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