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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lunchbox Laboratory

I went to a place called Lunchbox Laboratory (website under construction and not helpful) on Sunday, May 25th. This place was mentioned in some work email threads and I figured I'd give it a try. It was a beautiful day and a friend was in town hanging out with us for the day, so we took a lovely 15 minute stroll over there.

They have a few choices for the type of meat you can get on your burger, including the standard beef, buffalo, "dork" (which is a combination of duck and pork) and even had at least one veggie choice (I should have taken photos of the menu board!)

They also had a bazillion difference sauce choices for your burger and quite a hefty number of cheese selections as well.

For sides, you could choose fat or skinny fries, tots, onion rings, sweet potato fries or their Mac 'N Cheese Du Jour. You can choose from a few different types of salt for your fries. I don't remember all of them, I just remember the bacon & onion and the one I picked which was rosemary.

I got a buffalo burger as did our friend and Mosquito got a regular beef burger. My burger tasted fantastic. I didn’t get too creative with the sauces, I stuck with mustard and ketchup. Next time I’ll try something a bit more exotic.

Someone at work complained about the meat being raw in the middle, but I didn’t have any issues with feeling like it was too raw and I didn’t specifically ask the other two, but certainly no one was complaining. However, the burger juices did start to make the bottom bun a bit soggy, but I don’t see that as any particular problem as I just flip the entire thing over so that the relatively dry top bun can support the burger just fine.

As for the sides, I got the sweet potato fries with the rosemary salt and they were excellent. My hubby got the tots with bacon and onion salt and our friend got the onion rings. I wasn’t too fond of the onion rings, but the tots were really good. I also splurged and got us a side of the Mac’ N Cheese Du Jour, just because we didn’t quite have enough heart attack inducing food. It was hickory cheddar and Gorgonzola and it was amazingly yummy but way too rich to finish, even with 3 of us working on it.

Our friend and I each got a Nutella shake and my hubby got a vanilla chai one and they were so good. I really can't remember what the other choices were, but I do remember someone who worked there recommending the buttercream.

I’m definitely going to go back and next time I’ll take the Punkin, who didn’t get to go since she was spending the weekend with her dad.

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