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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Black Friday shopping help!

I know at this point in the year Black Friday seems forever away, but I just found this website that contains black friday ads.

The Black Friday website takes the time to compile all the major store ads in one place. They provide a bit of advanced information about the fabulous deals that get announced in the Thanksgiving newspaper inserts. They also provide links to each product directly so that you can just choose to purchase it online. With prices at the pump continuing to rise, this will be an awesome way to conserve our precious gas as well as save us the hassle of dealing with overcrowded parking lots, standing in enormous lines, and just generally dealing with the chaos of the biggest shopping day of the year.

You can also register an email address and get notifications when new Black Friday ads are posted. This would be a good thing to do right now, while you are visiting the site, so that you'll get a nice update right when you need it the most. I'm so forgetful, that by the time I would need the site, I will have forgotten it exists, so I'm definitely registering my email address right now.

They have a nice list of merchants, including some of my favs, JoAnn, Amazon, and Best Buy.

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