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Monday, April 21, 2008

Weird foot vibrations.

I've been having a vibration in my left foot since Dec. 2006. My primary doctor had moved out of state within the previous year and I hadn't gotten around to finding a new one yet.

I went to a random doctor within the first week of the symptoms and she said it was probably stress. I was getting married in a couple weeks, so I was happy to believe that. She gave me some anti-inflammatory and sent me on my way. She did no tests, not even to establish a baseline for a new patient.

I went on to get married and went to on my honeymoon, etc. I saw another doctor on March 19 2007 who told me it was only a symptom of being too fat. But this one at least ordered the blood work after I insisted. I was happy to see that my glucose levels were fine, so this wasn't some sign of diabetes. I've been fat most of my life, so I do have some knowledge of what being fat feels like and this is not normal for my past *mumble mumble* years of experience. She was so mean to me that I actually cried, so I didn't go back to her.

Finally on July 9, 2007 I found a doctor who referred me to a neurologist. I went to the neurologist on July 24. He did a bunch of tests, MRIs, blood tests and all kinds of other things.

One test he did was an electromyography (EMG), in which he sticks a needle into a muscle to test the electrical signals in my muscle at rest and while contracting. The machine was broadcasting some staticy sounds that he said was my muscle at work. He did 5 muscles in my leg. It wasn't too painful. In fact, one of them I couldn't feel at all and if he hadn't told me he was inserting the needle, I wouldn't have even known. The one he saved for last was the most uncomfortable and was the muscle in the arch of my foot. As soon as he put the needle in, we could hear a pretty pronounced tictictictictic and the buzzing in my foot felt stronger to me, though it may have been due to the feeling suddenly having a soundtrack to go with it. He mentioned that the sound was not normal and checked the same muscle in the other foot to verify. There was no extraneous sound with that one.

Well, it made me feel better to know it wasn't all in my head. He did several more tests after that to find out the cause, and so far I don't have an answer. I have an appointment in June to go see him again.

A year and a half straight of buzzy footness. I don't notice it as much anymore. I guess I've gotten used to it. But I still would really like to know what the cause it.

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