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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

feels good to be noticed

I was in Ross yesterday looking for cheap good quality towels (which I didn't find in the correct colors) so I could make the hooded towels that I want to make for my 2 nephews and my upcoming niece. While I was there, I figured I'd look around for other stuff. I found a 4 dresses to try on and I was holding on to them and wandering around looking for other interesting things. I happened to wander into the shoe section.

Now, I hate to sound like a typical woman, but shoes make me feel like a kid in a candy store. I wasn't always like this. I think somewhere around 30 the shoe switch was turned on in my brain and now I obsess about shoes -- trying trying them on, buying them (if I can find a good deal,) collecting them, keeping them in their original boxes so they'll stay new and shiny when I'm not wearing them.

I happened to be wearing a dress and stockings because I actually shaved my legs Sunday and since it's such a rare occurrence this time of year, I figured I should get as much mileage out of it at possible. So, I was already setup to make trying on shoes super easy. I saw some gray snakeskin peeptoe pumps and although they weren't all that cute really, just sitting there on the shelf, they were the least ugly of the selection, so I figured I'd try them on. I had some trouble because at Ross they bind the shoes together in such a way to make them impossible to try on both at the same time. So, I put the right one on and I looked down at my bright red toenails peeping out and the way they made my legs look super long and I thought they actually looked pretty cute. So, I switched feet to make sure the other one fit. Then I stood there looking and trying to decide if they were worth $15 or not (ultimately I decided not.)

At this point a guy walked over and said something to me. I can't remember exactly what he said but it involved some form of the phrases "look nice," "trying on shoes" and "from far away." He was a really cute, well groomed guy and for whatever reason I thought he was gay and offering up his opinion realizing I was pondering the purchase. I actually considered discussing the pros and cons of the shoes with him. He walked away a bit and then walked around to the other end of the aisle I was on and again said something about how he came all the way into women's shoes to tell me how good I looked. Then he asked me my name and maybe even asked me to do something with him -- it's all kind of a blur. At this point it suddenly occurred to me that he was actually hitting on me.

Now, before you comment and tell me how incredibly daft I am, let me remind you that I used to be REALLY heavy. Guys just don't randomly hit on 300 pound women very often and especially not the really cute guys. So, I was in a completely foreign situation. I managed to get my name out, but then I immediately followed it by "and I'm married," and kind of waved my hand underneath the 4 dresses I was still holding, which were covering up the fact that I was wearing a wedding ring. At this point I was blushing so hard that I knew I must have been a lovely shade of crimson. I kind of fanned myself with my free right hand and I said "oh, now I'm blushing" and he said "you sure made me blush" and then I smiled at him and walked on and he called out for me to have a nice day and I said thanks, you too.

I felt so awesome the entire rest of the day. I kept going on about it to Mosquito, who I'm sure was just so happy to hear all about the REALLY CUTE guy who hit on his wife. And now he'll get to read about it in even more detail in my blog.

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mosquito said...

its ok, I still love you... I guess :)