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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where does it all go?

We're in debt up to our ears right now. Part of the problem is that Punkin goes to a private school and we make a bit too much to qualify for financial aid. So, tuition payments plus our mortgage takes up all of my take home pay, so we're left with Mosquito's take home to pay two car payments, insurance, gas, utilities, food, clothing, daycare expenses, sports/activities fees, etc.

We definitely haven't been sticking to any kind of budget lately, so I'm working on steps to save some money. We've cut down on our dining expenses since I've been on my weight loss plan. Now we need to stop buying all the expensive items in the grocery store and start seriously clipping coupons. Those are a couple of things that I know we need to do. I also need to sit down and take the time to go over everywhere else our money ends up going and try to find other places to save money.

A seemingly obvious place to cut our expenses would be in gas.  Mosquito and I both work pretty far from home.  Our workplaces are in the same general direction from home and so we try to carpool as often as we can, which is usually 1-2 times per week.  But, with one of us needing to fight traffic and drive back across the bridge to pick Punkin up, we usually do need two cars.  We just can't drop her off, commute to work, work an 8 hour day and still be able to leave in time to get her.  I have a bus pass that my company provided, so I can figure out a schedule to add at least one bus trip into my work week.  That should be easy to do.  I can always carpool with Mosquito one way and take the bus the other way, which I really hadn't thought about a lot. 

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