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Monday, March 3, 2008

bake sale item ideas

I'm starting to come up with a list of items for the bake sale I'll hold along with the garage sale day on March 19th.  If you were out and about on a Saturday and you saw some goodies for sale, what kind of thing would tickle your fancy? 

Below is my list so far.  This is basically things I like and that I can make pretty easily the week/day before. I'm not a very good pie maker, so pies are not on my list, unless I can find someone to volunteer some. 

Haystacks -- chinese noodles, cashews and butterscotch.  This is something we always had at Christmas time, but it's also very similar to the Edible FSM I posted about before that may be a fun novelty as well as tasty.   But, I think for simplicity's sake, I'll pass on the googly eyes and figure out a simpler way to do the eyes.

Lacy Oatmeal cookies -- recipe from my Mrs. Field's cookie recipe book.  They are easy to make and I just love them. -- These should be able to be made the weekend before and kept in an airtight container.

Chocolate Chip cookies -- old standby, gotta have em. 

Cupcakes -- I'll buy a few kinds of cake mixes and offer a bit of variety.

Rice Crispy Treats -- super easy and everyone loves them.

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