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Monday, February 4, 2008

tofu dip

I tried an interesting thing yesterday.  I'm trying very hard to stick to my diet.  Although tofu probably isn't technically allowed on my diet, I know soy beans are allowed and as long as I stick to the lite tofu, I figure it should count as well. 

Anyway, I just sort of winged a dip out of a block of lite tofu.  It turned out ok, but not quite good.  Here's what I did. 

one block lite tofu
~2 Tbsp Grey Poupon
~1 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
4 cloves garlic, minced
~1.5 Tbsp Ginger, finely grated
~1 Tbsp rice vinegar

I threw all of that in a food processor and whirled it around.  I definitely used way too much ginger.  I looked online for some recipes and I had found one that used a block of tofu and said a pound (!) of ginger.  I knew that was probably wrong, but I figured I could go a little heavy handed on the ginger.  The dip came out a really nice and creamy texture, though, so if I can find the right combination of flavors, I'd bet most people wouldn't even realize they were eating tofu.

We used that as a dip for some celery that I happened to have on hand and I thinly sliced some potatoes and baked them into chips.  We ate about a third of it, so it was certainly not bad.

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