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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

dance dress

Well, I'm thinking about making my first attempt at a ballroom dance dress.  It won't actually be a complete construction, and it wouldn't even be used in anything sexy like a competition or exhibition.  I picked up a lovely hunter green dress at the Goodwill.  I'm guessing it was a bridesmaid dress.  It's long and fitted with this weird big swoopy thing around the neckline.  I'll get photos to put up once I start working on it.  I copied a guide created by Laura at DanceSport Image and mirrored it on my server, just in case that website goes away.  I'd hate to lose such a helpful page.

Anyway, my plan for this dress is to find a nice contrasting color -- I'm thinking a light shade of green, but I'm open to other ideas -- to create fitted sleeves and to make godets to increase the fullness of the bottom of the dress.  I was hoping to get this done in time for the annual Medal Ball that is happening on Sunday, but I don't think I'll have the time.  I don't think the sleeves should be too difficult.  Certainly not as difficult as adding sleeves to my wedding dress was.  But, the godets may end up being more complicated than I expect. 

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